Who Are the Great Commission Women? 

Bloomingdale Great Commission Women Ministries
Bloomingdale, Georgia

The Mission of Great Commission Women

Great Commission Women, an auxiliary ministry of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, exists to glorify God as devoted Christ followers of all generations, empowered by the Holy Spirit to live the Word, do the work, and reach the world. 

  Great Commission Women Ministries (GCW) is an auxiliary of The Christian and Missionary Alliance organized to promote fellowship, outreach and prayer among the women and encourage support and prayer for Alliance missionaries and worldwide ministries. 

As,GCW we agree with our founder, Dr. Albert B. Simpson, that we are "...to keep abreast of the progress of our age and be...women of today in our message and ministry to our own generation." 

Because the church exists to help people everywhere find and know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we expect that women's ministries will be a functioning part of the local church in carrying out Christ's Great Commission. 

It is our goal to involve every woman attending an Alliance church in the ministries of GCW. You are invited to: 

·                  Develop new and deeper friendships

·                  Discover ways to be equipped through God's Word

·                  Find opportunities to share your faith

·                  Pursue active global involvement

·                  Acquire encouragement and motivation in prayer 


 We generally gather together once a month to encourage one another and be better equipped through God's Word. There is always fun, food and fellowship.  We share our hearts and pray for one another.

During this time we pray for the requests of our International Workers. Usually, one family in particular is chosen to love and pray for during the month between meetings.  Come and Meet This Months International worker (IW). 

We take up an offering that goes toward general expenses of our national, area and local GCW groups. But the bulk of the offering goes to outfit the IW families that are home for one year of home service and are preparing to return to their field of service at the end of home service.  Usually their time on the mission field is a term of four years. This outfit money is sent in by each GCW group throughout our district, consisting of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, in the amount of $40.00 per month  to the District GCW Treasurer. She then combines the monies that are sent in and gives it to the IW preparing to return to the field in order to help them buy clothes and supplies to take back with them for the next four years. 

Our particular group also ministers to  Paradise Mountain Ministries. There are various other local projects that come up during the year that we work with.  Each C&MA church has a Third culture Kid (TCK)  to love and support with prayer and by remembering their Birthday, Christmas and other occasions. This is a child belonging to an active International Worker on a foreign field. Our TCK's  name is Alexis . Alexis is the child of international worker (Missionary)  serving in  Africa and was born April 29th, 2008.  She receives a gift in the amount $50.00 for Christmas and again for her birthday from our Great Commission Women at Bloomingdale Alliance Church.


Our national project this year is "GOD'S POSITIONING SYSTEM" (GPS).  We are placed for a purpose.  Come join us and find out more about it.

Our proceeds from Wednesday night church supper, our different banquets and specified offerings go to this project.  Usually, sometimes during the year we will have a special fund raiser to boost our finances for this project.  Our goal for this year is $1,400.00.   

For more information call Micki Otto at 748 6338.   We would be delighted for you to come and join us. 


                           Our local officers at Bloomingdale Alliance Church are as follows: 
Director: Linda App lindaapp48@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Karen Otto
Project Chairman: Carol Koffroth
Meg Coach: Micki Otto mickiotto@comcast.net
Meg Leader:  Kendra Collins collinsko40@yahoo.com





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